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Instagram is becoming an almost inexhaustible source of potential customers for businesses and user traffic for ecommerce. These are maximizing the potential of this social network, experimenting with new techniques to capture the attention of the followers through their publications and later, using the descriptions or the Instagram Direct function to introduce claims or CTAs (calls to action). ).

One of those claims is based on the use of discount codes that can be displayed directly in the photo of the publication or in the description, something that is usually more normal.

Whatever the objective, it is clear that every day more companies and small businesses are making use of this technique on Instagram. So that you can also take advantage of these promotions, we will explain below how to use Instagram to find coupons and discount codes .

5 Tips to find coupons and discounts through Instagram.
We assume that the creators of Instagram did not imagine at all that their platform was going to be used to make contests and much less to publish coupons or discount codes. But perhaps that is the price to pay for being the fastest growing social network in the recent history of social networks.

What is clear is that none of these practices violates the conditions of use of the service, which means that they are totally valid and their practice is allowed.

Taking into account that the use of Instagram to attract customers through the publication of codes and coupons is becoming an upward trend, we think it would be interesting to follow the following tips to learn how to look for them and take advantage of these offers.

1. Search using hashtags
The hashtags are still the best way to search within Instagram and it would not be less for the case of coupons.

Here are some of the most used hashtags to find coupons, discount codes and offers: #coupons #cupones #descuentos #ofertas #extremecouponing #couponing #stockpile #clearance.

2. Follow profiles of this subject
There are many profiles dedicated solely and exclusively to the publication of offers and coupons. Simply search for users with the words ” coupon “, ” coupon ” or ” discount ” and explore among the tens or hundreds of profiles that appear.

An example of this type of profile and perhaps one of the best known is @couponproblog .

3. Read the descriptions
When looking for discount codes on Instagram you should not only look at the photos. Sometimes, in the image they only publish the discount, but they do not show the code that you have to use.

It is in the description of the publication where they provide the discount code and all the information about how to exchange it.

4. Follow brands that interest you
If you usually buy many products from a specific brand, a good technique to get offers or promotions with discount codes from that brand, is to follow their Instagram profile . In many cases they only publish that kind of discounts on their Instagram profile to grow their community on the social network.

So if you still did not follow any of your favorite brands on Instagram, you already have one more reason to do so.

5. Use external applications
There are external applications that are responsible for tracking thousands of websites in search of discount codes.

One of those web applications is , which has an exclusive section for discount codes published on Instagram.

Apart from seeing the discount codes, you can also see through what profile of Instagram has been published and start to follow it to be the first to find out about new offers.

hese are some of the tips and techniques that we recommend to find coupons and discount codes on Instagram quickly.

And although this article is more focused on followers or customers of brands that use these techniques, if you also have an Instagram profile for your brand or business , you know how to use the claim of discount codes from time to time to capture new followers and get more customers.…

5 smart tips for coupons in newsletters

Coupons are a popular way to attract and / or reactivate customers and, therefore, to increase sales. And if we sweep home, the marketing of coupons in the online world is more than popular. Johannes Kohlmann of Newsletter2Go explains below how successful the vouchers are in the newsletters and what we should take into account when creating a voucher campaign.

Discount shopping, the best feeling
When we want a product, we often remove Rome with Santiago until we find it. In this arduous search factors such as quality, design or price play an important role, and sometimes this last factor is the reason for not buying immediately. When the purchase decision fails, personalized vouchers can help the buyer decide. According to a survey conducted by Statista, 34% of respondents use coupons several times a month and even 12% use them on a weekly basis.

Statista Graphic

A personalized coupon of, for example, 10% gives buyers a good business sense. And it is that the positive attitude towards the purchase with discount, not only affects the decision of purchase, but also to the perception of the store.

The coupons in the Newsletters are popular
According to a study by DV Deutschland Voucher, 37% of respondents prefer to receive vouchers online. The advantages over printing coupons lie in ease of use. The home page of the store can be opened directly online with a single click and the voucher code can be copied and pasted quickly.

The marketing of vouchers in newsletters is extremely efficient. In a survey conducted by Newsletter2Go, 39% of respondents stated that they had used at least one coupon from a newsletter in the last three months. Most of them even used several newsletter vouchers.

5 tips to send coupons with Newsletters:
The coupons should not be sent as well. A specific strategy will help you send vouchers to the right person at the right time and keep the appeal of your discounts. There are 5 rules to which you should pay attention:

Tip 1: Use coupons exclusions
Do not use coupons like churros, because you will be deducting value. If you offer coupons every week, the discounts will no longer be anything special.

Tip 2: Make a conscious decision about the amount of your coupons
Think about the amount before sending a coupon. The amount of the discount has a significant impact on the attractiveness of the coupon for your recipients, but it also affects your sales.

Tip 3: Make a conscious decision about the validity of your coupons
The validity of your coupons influences if your coupons will be used and when. If the vouchers are short-term, it may be that many do not arrive on time. On the other hand, offers with high short-term discounts can have a particularly high attractiveness to boost short-term sales. Therefore we should consider the objectives of the campaign and take into account the validity of our coupons.

Tip 4: Use the information you have about your customers
The more interest the recipients have in a product, the more effective their coupons will be. Use the information you have about your customers. You can send a reminder with a 10% coupon to those who leave the cart or use images of favorite products of individual customers in the voucher of their coupon.

Tip 5: Include vouchers in your email marketing strategy
Individual coupon campaigns are an excellent way to increase sales in the short term. However, vouchers should also be part of your email marketing strategy. Use coupons, for example, in reminders of your client’s life cycle and react to their individual actions.

A strategy with targeted coupons, helps you attract customers and link them to your store. Email marketing offers you the ideal opportunity to send specific coupons to your recipients. Do you want to know more about marketing coupons in newsletters? In the 2Go coupons newsletter, you will find the complete study on coupons in newsletters, as well as many more tips on how to integrate coupons in your emails.…

10 tips to create your coupons with discounts for Cyber ​​Monday

Create your own discount coupon model for Cyber ​​Monday (see point 4) and encourage pre-party sales . Users can redeem their coupon for discounts, gifts, offers or promotions that you decide. The application will allow you to upload a fully customized voucher, add some instructions to explain how to redeem it and provide users with tools to download and easily print it.

1. Communicate discounts in advance
Through your social networks, warn that you will distribute discount coupons during Cyber ​​Monday and remind your audience that you must be aware of your brand to get these discounts and make the best possible purchases.

black monday coupons

2. Limit the number of vouchers to be distributed
If you want to determine a specific number of coupons to distribute, you can limit the maximum number of users that can access the promotion and, when this limit is reached, the application will be closed and no more coupons will be distributed.

3. Collect more data with a survey
Organize a brief survey about your brand in which participants have to answer questions about a product or about your company and, once finished, give them the gift coupon. It is an ideal method to know the direct opinion of your clients and give them a prize for their sincerity.

4. Design your coupon
Previously design the image with the message that will be distributed as a coupon and try to make it attractive and indicate that it is exclusive offers of Cyber ​​Monday. If you do not know how to design the voucher, with Easypromos you can create the coupon and enter the discount code in it from the same platform. Each registered participant will receive their coupon and instructions on how to redeem it on the final screen.

5. Prepare clear and short instructions
Activate the field to present the instructions next to the coupon and explain how to redeem it, the validity period and enter a link to the point of sale where you can validate it. The instructions will be shown in all the coupon download options so that the user can consult them at all times.

6. Offers several ways to download the coupon
After completing the registration, the user obtains the coupon on the final screen. The user will have several options to download it : print it directly, save it in pdf or send it to an email address.

7. Customize the Validation Portal
If you want to be able to verify the coupons , use the promotional codes . Validate them will be easy, fast and agile whether done online or if users prefer to come to your physical point of sale to redeem them. The portal has been designed so that the validation supposes a minimum load of work and time. For the promotion to identify itself with a common and own image, do not hesitate to customize the portal’s background with your brand image and that of Cyber ​​Monday.

8. Identify users
As users will have to register with a form that you can configure yourself, you can increase your database and use that information for future marketing campaigns.

9. Combine it with a raffle
In addition to rewarding users with the coupon, organize a final raffle among all participants to distribute a second gift and encourage even more user participation , as well as raise the level of engagement and loyalty with your community.

10. Satisfy your customers
The customer’s online contact with the brand / product / company can be finalized both online and with a physical visit to the store. If the customer identifies with the coupon, he can be treated individually and attentively. In addition, the gift or discount rewards you for the effort and time allocated in the online promotion or in the transfer to the physical store.…

5 tips to make your coupons succeed

Everyone wants discount coupons, and more in these austere times we live. Lately our trips to restaurants or weekend getaways are in some way conditioned by the coupons found on the Internet. The coupons are one of the best ways to launch the market with new projects or try to build loyalty to a large group of customers who are guided by the offers in the market. If you are an online or offline company and want to promote your products based on coupons, pay attention to the following tips:

1. We always seek to maintain a profit margin , but when you offer a coupon what you want is visibility or attract a large number of people who can consume other types of products in your store or restaurant. If you are going to offer a discount of € 5 for a product worth € 300, do not expect much success of the call. If you offer a 2 × 1 dish on the menu, be prepared to serve a good number of customers. The customer as the seller have to win .

2. It is very important to get the timing and dates on which to publish a coupon. If we are on sale and I have bought 3 shirts, do not offer me a discount coupon just when you finish the rebate to return, because I will not do it. Wait a while for the client to take an economic flight to increase the chances of his return.

3. Do you have Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Email newsletter? Internal mail group in the company? Use all the means you have at your disposal , maintaining a coherence between them so that there is no confusion in the client, even build a landing page for the coupon.

4. Customize the coupons so that the customer experience is the best and closest possible. For example, send the customer a discount of 30% on the total purchase but only for friends or family.

5. Coupons should give a sense of urgency that pushes the customer to move quickly and make the purchase as soon as possible.…

How did the king of discount coupons build his fortune?

Mark Pearson was not born a millionaire, but it was made . And an important part of the drive to become the lord and master of discount coupons in the United Kingdom came from a Christmas he spent with his mother and sister in a women’s shelter .

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They had arrived there fleeing domestic violence. Little Mark was still in elementary school. “I felt like I was the man of the family and that impelled me,” says Pearson, now 34.

“At 9 or 10 I could not do much, but over time I started thinking about what to do to be the breadwinner of the family .” At 18 he moved to London . He started as a chef and then started his own florist shop. In 2006 Pearson had the idea of ​​a million dollars: a website that lists all the discount vouchers for purchases and restaurants available.

Counting 27 years, he named the business MyVoucher Codes (My discount coupons) and made it work from his laptop , sitting on his couch in a rented apartment above a store in South London. The website was an immediate success among lovers of bargains.

In the first year he billed 300,000 pounds (about US $ 485,000) and the following year he made his first million pounds. The consecutive years achieved 3 million pounds (about US $ 4.85 million) and 10 million pounds (US $ 16 million approximately), with a profit margin of more than 50%.

Today, My Voucher Codes remains the most popular discount website in the United Kingdom and Pearson’s personal fortune is valued at around US $ 100 million.

In simple terms, My Voucher Codes receives a referral fee every time someone uses a discount code that appears on their website or weekly electronic newsletter.

So if you are ordering something online or print a coupon to eat at a restaurant and use My Voucher Codes, the company receives a commission from the product or service provider, be it an electronic store, supermarket chain or a restaurant.

Today, more than 60,000 companies use My Voucher Codes, which has “brother” websites in France, Germany and the US. In the United Kingdom alone, more than six million people subscribe to their weekly offers by email.

Pearson invested on the company’s website only 300 pounds (about $ 485) . I did not have any formal computer courses, nor e-commerce.

As a result of the success of the site, Pearson approached two industry majors: Inter Flora and Flowers Direct, asking if they could include banners with discount coupons on their website , paying commission for each successful purchase.

Pearson accepted and soon realized that he was making more money in commissions than with the roses he was selling at that time in his florist shop.

“It occurred to me that it is an immaculate business model,” he says. “Unlike roses, I was suddenly selling something that did not cost me anything to buy.”

“And so the idea of ​​My Voucher Codes clicked me in. I chose the name, I invested 300 pounds in setting up the website and the rest is history.” My Voucher Codes was launched in November 2006 as the first discount website in the United Kingdom.

In two years Pearson had made enough money to buy a house in London for himself and another for his m

As the business grew, he finally hired staff and opened an office in Croydon, South London. Then he moved to his current headquarters near the Thames, on the London Bridge. Today it has 110 employees.

Earlier this year, Pearson sold the company at about US $ 89 million. Considering that he owned more than 90%, he was the biggest beneficiary of the business. With the money he bought the mobile payment firm Monitise , based in the City of London, one of the largest financial centers in the world.

Pearson hopes that My Voucher Codes can benefit from Monitise’s technology and expand its use in mobile phones. But of all his achievements, the one that makes him happiest is having been able to buy a house for his mother.

She is also part of the business: from her home in Liverpool or from the family villa she bought in Barbados, she is in charge of quality control of the firm.…


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