Create your own discount coupon model for Cyber ​​Monday (see point 4) and encourage pre-party sales . Users can redeem their coupon for discounts, gifts, offers or promotions that you decide. The application will allow you to upload a fully customized voucher, add some instructions to explain how to redeem it and provide users with tools to download and easily print it.

1. Communicate discounts in advance
Through your social networks, warn that you will distribute discount coupons during Cyber ​​Monday and remind your audience that you must be aware of your brand to get these discounts and make the best possible purchases.

black monday coupons

2. Limit the number of vouchers to be distributed
If you want to determine a specific number of coupons to distribute, you can limit the maximum number of users that can access the promotion and, when this limit is reached, the application will be closed and no more coupons will be distributed.

3. Collect more data with a survey
Organize a brief survey about your brand in which participants have to answer questions about a product or about your company and, once finished, give them the gift coupon. It is an ideal method to know the direct opinion of your clients and give them a prize for their sincerity.

4. Design your coupon
Previously design the image with the message that will be distributed as a coupon and try to make it attractive and indicate that it is exclusive offers of Cyber ​​Monday. If you do not know how to design the voucher, with Easypromos you can create the coupon and enter the discount code in it from the same platform. Each registered participant will receive their coupon and instructions on how to redeem it on the final screen.

5. Prepare clear and short instructions
Activate the field to present the instructions next to the coupon and explain how to redeem it, the validity period and enter a link to the point of sale where you can validate it. The instructions will be shown in all the coupon download options so that the user can consult them at all times.

6. Offers several ways to download the coupon
After completing the registration, the user obtains the coupon on the final screen. The user will have several options to download it : print it directly, save it in pdf or send it to an email address.

7. Customize the Validation Portal
If you want to be able to verify the coupons , use the promotional codes . Validate them will be easy, fast and agile whether done online or if users prefer to come to your physical point of sale to redeem them. The portal has been designed so that the validation supposes a minimum load of work and time. For the promotion to identify itself with a common and own image, do not hesitate to customize the portal’s background with your brand image and that of Cyber ​​Monday.

8. Identify users
As users will have to register with a form that you can configure yourself, you can increase your database and use that information for future marketing campaigns.

9. Combine it with a raffle
In addition to rewarding users with the coupon, organize a final raffle among all participants to distribute a second gift and encourage even more user participation , as well as raise the level of engagement and loyalty with your community.

10. Satisfy your customers
The customer’s online contact with the brand / product / company can be finalized both online and with a physical visit to the store. If the customer identifies with the coupon, he can be treated individually and attentively. In addition, the gift or discount rewards you for the effort and time allocated in the online promotion or in the transfer to the physical store.