Everyone wants discount coupons, and more in these austere times we live. Lately our trips to restaurants or weekend getaways are in some way conditioned by the coupons found on the Internet. The coupons are one of the best ways to launch the market with new projects or try to build loyalty to a large group of customers who are guided by the offers in the market. If you are an online or offline company and want to promote your products based on coupons, pay attention to the following tips:

1. We always seek to maintain a profit margin , but when you offer a coupon what you want is visibility or attract a large number of people who can consume other types of products in your store or restaurant. If you are going to offer a discount of € 5 for a product worth € 300, do not expect much success of the call. If you offer a 2 × 1 dish on the menu, be prepared to serve a good number of customers. The customer as the seller have to win .

2. It is very important to get the timing and dates on which to publish a coupon. If we are on sale and I have bought 3 shirts, do not offer me a discount coupon just when you finish the rebate to return, because I will not do it. Wait a while for the client to take an economic flight to increase the chances of his return.

3. Do you have Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Email newsletter? Internal mail group in the company? Use all the means you have at your disposal , maintaining a coherence between them so that there is no confusion in the client, even build a landing page for the coupon.

4. Customize the coupons so that the customer experience is the best and closest possible. For example, send the customer a discount of 30% on the total purchase but only for friends or family.

5. Coupons should give a sense of urgency that pushes the customer to move quickly and make the purchase as soon as possible.