As a strategy to attract and retain customers, we present everything you need to know about physical coupons and some tools that you can use for online coupons.

First, what is the difference between a coupon and an offer?

An offer is available to anyone who enters your store or visits your online store. The coupon is reserved for those “exclusive” users who are loyal to the brand and get promotions. It is generally well received, as in the case of the United States and Europe.

To have detailed information about the coupons read the pdf article of

What is the use of a company using coupons as a strategy to attract customers?

  • Have more visibility
  • Attract more customers
  • Encourage existing customers to buy more.
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Attract casual customers
  • Have a greater and better reputation.
  • They attract traffic for your company.
  • The clients make word of mouth.

Advantages for customers

  • They feel rewarded for their fidelity.
  • They save with the products they need or that they always buy from a company.
  • They are more satisfied with the feeling of saving (the savings must be real).

Elements of a good coupon

  • Clear offer.
  • Initial value of the product without discount.
  • Exchange place.
  • Expiration date.
  • Product image.
  • Bar code (if necessary).
  • Name and physical and electronic address of the business.
  • Code or tracking number of the coupon.

Food is one of the most extensive commercial areas on the market for one simple reason: we always need to eat! and between better flavor and lower price is better. So pizza restaurants, fast food or franchises like coffees, use coupons as a strategy to attract customers.


Generally, coupons can be:


Starbucks , on the other hand, uses this mini album as an assistance. Each time the user goes and buys in the store they stamp the number of times, when they have 10 visits (to say the least) you can buy a free or discounted product.

This strategy to attract customers is very useful since users will always load a card with the name of your company with them at all times; however, the investment in quite large.


Tips for the proper use of coupons

  • Observe your competition (without copying).
  • Measure the impact of coupons.
  • Collaborate with affiliates.

Ways to distribute coupons

  • In the written press and magazines.
  • By mail.
  • Within delivery packages.
  • In your local.
  • In affiliated premises.
  • Through your suppliers.
  • Through your partners.
  • Through your family and friends.
  • Digital media.