How do you feel when suddenly a shop tells you that you have a promotional code in your next order and that you save 25% or give you a 2X1 or invite you to another product on your shopping list? Well, that’s what we all feel when the same thing happens to us, that’s why the issue of discounts is so valuable.

First of all, if you want to implement discount coupons to your online store , keep in mind that these codes should be easy for users to assimilate. That is, you have to use relatively simple words and keys to remember and write, so they do not get lost in the client’s memory. For example, if you are going to do promotion for Halloween, the logical thing is that you use something like: Halloween2016

Another main point is the fact that it should be easy to calculate the discount that they will receive if they buy the product. That is, a 10% discount coupon is much easier to calculate than a 14% discount coupon. Also, it is easier to size the discount if it is something like “discount of € 20 on all orders over € 100”.

The discount codes must have the range of restrictions regarding the date, the type of product, the location and other factors. It is necessary to set limits when it comes to managing discounts, but it is also not necessary for you to go over restrictions and conditions, because then they leave without using it. In other words, you have to avoid customers thinking about it, because if they do, then they will hesitate and eventually end up not buying anything.

Now, that all is not gold in terms of discounts. A very negative aspect of them is that you get used to them, and worst of all, that you accustom your clients to having them. If you abuse a lot of them, you will probably notice drops in conversions when you do not offer them, that is, in the end your business runs the risk of falling into the network of hunt hunters (the typical users who only look for punctual offers and are not loyal to any store)

What kind of advantages can coupons for your ecommerce suppose ?
Increase spending per client
When you carry out a discount promotion for a specific purchase value, or for a series of items (for example, if you sell cosmetics, you can offer beauty packs of the same brand, and if they buy all you offer a discount for the whole ) Many users tend to increase the value of their order to reach those minimums. This causes the client to spend more than he had in the beginning.

Build loyalty with consumers
The best way to establish a relationship with a customer that forces you to come to your store periodically is with offers and discounts. Exclusive opportunities that come directly to him and that incite consumption. Be generous with your list of subscribers to the newsletter and give them, from time to time, exclusive discounts.

Strengthen brand awareness
When you manage to develop a good list of subscribers, as well as a regular activity and with feedback on social networks, and in addition to people who, periodically, consult your store in search of offers and possible purchases, you are increasing the added value of your online store and generating a community around it. Little by little your subscribers will see the brand and not the products, greatly increasing the durability in your memory. They will no longer go in search of “that store that has offers” but will go to “your brand”.

Analysis and control
“Power without control is useless”, yes, it is the slogan of a tire brand, but it is a truth as a temple in almost all issues related to ecommerce. It does not help that you kill yourself to improve and optimize your business if then you do not do a stage of analysis and control of the results obtained. This part is fundamental to be able to measure results and know what we have failed and what we have achieved. The analysis tools are multiple and variable (from those offered by Google, those brought by your own ecommerce generator, those offered by your emailing provider …)

The best thing about social networks is that they are not only a channel of direct communication with all your customers and potential customers, but also that it represents a branch structure in which everyone is connected to everyone. If you throw a juicy and attractive offer, and in addition, you do it in a way that people can compensate you for sharing it (for example, making a discount that only applies to the one you have managed to bring to a friend), it is very possible that this offer / discount goes viral in a very short time.

Do you start to see the value of discounts? They are a powerful commercial weapon, and in fact, it is usually one of the best results. Now, you have to do it well, and most importantly, you can not base all the commercial strategy of a business on discounts, because that is either a lie (and there are no such discounts, only inflated prices, a very counterproductive tactic ) or it is a ruin impossible to maintain.