Rakuten Travel is making great sales as a travel company on the Internet.
Many people use it when booking a hotel on a business trip etc.
Well, on this Rakuten Travel there is a mechanism that suggests a perfect trip for you.
It is Pita every time.
It suggests a trip to you with “keyword” Where, where, who, what to do “as a key word.
Of course, not all of the trips will be decided by it alone.
If you are planning a so-called retirement trip after retirement, you may want to narrow down candidates with Pita every time.
It was not an era when I consulted a travel agency and got various pamphlets.
If you use the Internet, you can make plans while staying at home.
Okinawa is popular in retirement travel.
Since traveling to Okinawa is an airplane, it is almost the same in terms of time from anywhere in Japan.
There are many airports where direct flights of Okinawa Line are issued.
How about Okinawa you visit after retirement?
You may not enjoy bathing like young people, but if you walk slowly on the beach, your mood will date back to the newlywed era.
It will be the best if it is time to think about what future life two people will live.
Outside Okinawa, hot springs are popular.

Because there are hot springs everywhere in Japan, it is also important to work slowly with hot water.
The time spent in majestic nature gives good health effects.
You can feel healthy both mentally and physically.