Discount coupons can be a very useful tool to attract new or recurring customers. However, it is important to make sure of the discount adjustments in the global strategy of the brand.

Running the race to become the leader of “low prices” can have a disastrous effect if you’re not careful. Sometimes, it is better not to lower the prices and the wisest thing is to devote your energy in giving an exceptional service with a unique brand experience.

In any case, the execution of an e-commerce business has to do with experimentation and the search for what works best. Let’s review some of the ways you can use the discount vouchers to attract and delight customers.

Address new customers with discount coupons



For your most popular themes, simply tweet discount codes and add a hashtag for the keyword or brand name that is associated with the following items:


You may want to tweet your discount coupons a couple of times to get more attention. Make sure you change the sentences of your tweet so that duplicate tweets do not come out.


Facebook now allows you to use hashtags too. But in order to get a better response from Facebook, upload a photo of your product, along with a short message regarding the promotion.


How to use coupons without damaging your brand

Although we are warning about the development of a discount culture, that does not mean that discount vouchers can not be used from time to time or even intelligently. Here are some ways to use discount coupons without damaging your brand.


This is the most obvious place to use the discount coupons. Nothing is more dangerous than staying with inventory that you will not sell. In this case you can create specific discount coupons to move these items. You can give a direct discount percentage in individual terms or make them free when you reach a certain amount of money in an order. 


Clients who have remained loyal are the best friends of any business. This is because it costs more to acquire new customers than to keep old ones. A great way to show your appreciation is to send them coupon codes by email to show them how grateful you are to them for supporting your brand.


One way to keep customers loyal is to automatically apply discounts on your first purchase in your business, but without telling them in advance. Alternatively, you can waive the shipping fee per purchase at the first time. The surprise in a great tactic to make customers for life.

Marketing with coupon discount on websites

If you really have the itch that your online store is known and you can get your first sale, you can put discount coupon codes on websites to get discount coupon finder traffic. The drawback is that these websites are aimed at people who are looking for very low prices and do not necessarily seek to become followers of your brand.

Here are some websites where you can put your coupons:

  • RetailMeNot – You can send your coupons here:
  • – This website emphasizes the ability to direct mobile buyers.
  • – Has been with us since 1999 and provides a way to share coupons freely.

If you’re going to experiment giving coupons, think about how it fits into your overall business strategy. In addition, it reviews consumer protection laws on the expiration dates of coupons and usage rules.