Coupons are a classic of marketing: perhaps it is a resource to attract customers that has been used for forty years, and that has survived the ‘transfer’ of the digital era, and it is still a method used by many companies.

Giants like Google himself are still using coupons: they give away up to € 75 in their new Google AdWords customers, their advertising platform, which we all know already. Other giants like Wal-Mart, even McDonald’s are still using them, in the middle of social networks and ‘all digital’.

The detail is that, as brands, we underestimate the power of coupons, and that is what companies such as Cupon.esknow .

These are the facts of the coupons that you may not know, and you should take into account now:

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1. Coupons influence much more than you think

We all know, and it is shown in many studies, that the best method to make a small business known, or large, does not matter, is the ‘word of mouth’ method, or as in Mexico they call it, ‘by word of mouth’ . The power of a recommendation of an acquaintance is very high, and greatly influences the decision of the consumer on whether or not to acquire the product or service.

The only comparable method is a coupon in the hands of your potential client. Google knows that very well, not for nothing gives that amount of money.

2. The use of coupons is measurable

 The reason why coupons are still used in companies of all sizes and branches, is because they are easily measurable. It is as simple as counting the coupons issued against the coupons used. Maybe it is reduced to the maximum, but it is easy to measure the performance of a coupon, it does not matter if it is a printed coupon or one generated online.

3. It’s hard to forget about a coupon

If in your business, small or giant, you announce a promotion, succulent, highly anticipated, and with expiration date, and at the same time, you give a coupon for another less attractive offer, we bet you that the coupon will be more successful.

Why? People forget promotions, because there is nothing physical that reminds them of the offer, instead, the coupon can be added to the Google calendar, if it is online, or to the portfolio if it is offline.

4. You make contact with your client

Unlike advertising campaigns such as radio, printed press, or even online advertising, the discount coupon gives you a direct deal with the customer when you do offline, generating a small talk or contact with your client, where you can know what feel, what you think of your business, etc.

Not for nothing big companies hire staff for the delivery in hand of discount coupons

5. People use coupons … more than you think

It is estimated that 93% of e-commerce customers in the last three years, have done so at least once, a discount coupon on their purchases, and we talk about all kinds of products or services, from the purchase of a domain, until the purchase of electronics.

6. Success story

A good example in Spain is , belonging to the Panna Cotta Group , where it offers millions of customers discount coupons of major brands in all types of areas, from beauty, flights, accessories, clothing and electronics.

Why is it different? Because it has the best brands in its catalog and because it offers them free of charge to the customers of and without the need for them to register on the page or any email newsletter.

If you want to ‘hunt’ offers, yes you can subscribe, but it is not necessary to access the coupons offered by their brands.

Both the success of and the rest of the group’s pages has been picked up by media such as Forbes, Newsweek, El Mundo, Terra and Bloomberg.

If you own a small business, learn from and at the same time, get juicy offers in big brands. Do not underestimate the power of a discount coupon.